The photo must look like it was taken at an office that provides people with real IDs. That means no selfies with silly faces are allowed. We also urge our clients not to have any shadows, smudges, or hair over their faces. All IDs must have a face that can be recognized. Old passport photos will also not do.


The best type of photo is one with a white background and that was taken in high resolution. Naturally, we make sure to tell our clients to look at the camera directly when taking the photo.

We take payments via several different methods. Bogus Braxtor clients can pay via Bitcoin, Litecoin, USDT, Zelle,WU.


If our clients order more than one ID, they get a discount based on how many they’ve ordered.

Our clients are urged to send their contact info and a high-quality photo. In case they don’t know what info they need to send, we encourage them to Google what an ID from their state looks like. From there, they can decide what information they need to send us.

Once we get the information we need, we begin processing it the same day. However, the creation of the card can take up to almost a week. Once we’re done, we ship the cards to the clients. And again, we must stress — all of the information on the cards is scannable and swipeable. In addition, they can be shined under the black light and have UV ink.

At Bogus Braxtor, we use several different types of shipping. These include DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Of course, it isn’t. However, the client’s confidentiality is safe with us.